UPDATE: 09/18/2019

ONLINE ticket sales will be ending tonight at 11 pm. Admissions/Tickets for Ride For A Cure 2019 will be sold ALL WEEKEND LONG AT THE WELCOME CENTER until we reach our maximum capacity of 3000 guests inside the park. We do not expect to hit our maximum number of guests on Friday. If you’re planning to arrive on Friday, you will most likely be OK.

If we reach our maximum capacity on Saturday, you will be able to purchase a “Concert Only Ticket” at the Welcome Center on Saturday after 5 pm. No riding, no machines are included with this type of ticket.

If you have purchased a “Concert Only Ticket” online, you will only be able to enter the park AFTER 5 pm on Saturday. If you would like to upgrade your ticket to a General Admission Weekend pass you may do so at the Welcome Center. Cost of the upgrade is $25.

UPDATE: 09/18/2019

ATTENTION RIDE FOR A CURE TICKET HOLDERS: You must bring your tickets with you to the park this weekend. You may print your tickets OR have them available on your mobile device for scanning upon entry. If you did not receive your tickets via e-mail, please call, e-mail, or message us on Facebook to get them sent to you before you arrive at the event.


Our event staff will scan your tickets when you arrive and give you your official event wristbands. Your wristband is what will get you in and out of the park throughout the weekend. If you LOSE your wristband, you will not receive a replacement wristband without the purchase of a new ticket.

Once our staff scans your ticket, it will not scan again on our system. Do not attempt to copy your ticket and try to scan it a second time. It will not work. Anyone trying to do this will be turned away from the event altogether.

Please note, it has come to our attention that some counterfeit tickets for Ride For A Cure may be circulating through the off-road community through social media. The ONLY tickets that are valid for this weekend’s Ride For A Cure event are those that were generated by our ticketing software.

Please exercise caution if purchasing from a 3rd party. We realize that some ticket holders may be selling their official tickets if they’ve had a change of plans. Please ensure that you’re purchasing from a trusted source if buying from a 3rd party.

UPDATE: 09/17/2019

Ride For A Cure 2019 Online Ticket Sales will be ENDING this Wednesday at 11:00 pm. If you have not purchased your tickets by that time, you will need to pay for entry at the Welcome Center when you arrive. Admissions purchased at the park are $65 per person for the weekend, and $40 per person for Saturday night’s concert (entry after 5 pm only, no riding, no machines).

Please be aware that we are strictly limiting attendance for this event. Once we reach the event capacity of 3000 attendees, TICKET SALES WILL CLOSE FOR THE WEEKEND.

If you haven’t pre-purchased tickets online at tickets.toptrails.net, be aware that there is usually a large number of people entering the park on Saturday around lunchtime. Plan to arrive a little early to prevent getting locked out of this great event for a great cause!

UPDATE: 09/16/2019

Ride For A Cure 2019 Ticket Check-In and FastPass lines are NEW for this event. The FastPass line will be located outside the front of the Welcome Center and will be marked.

Please be aware that to qualify for the FastPass line:

1) Everyone in your party must have their ticket with them (either printed out or have the email open and displayed on your phone)
2) Your SmartWaiver MUST be signed ahead of time – you will not be able to sign at the FastPass window.
3) No one in your party should need to purchase a Member’s Pass ($25 in the Welcome Center) or Child Age 7-11 Pass ($25 in the Welcome Center)

If you do not meet ALL of these requirements when you reach the front of the line, you will be directed inside the Welcome Center and will have to start at the back of THAT line.

FastPass Lines are scheduled to be open on Friday 12:00pm – 8:00pm, and Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm.

UPDATE: 09/09/2019

Get Prepared For Ride For A Cure 2019!

Ride For A Cure is back again and with our new online ticket sales system, there are some small changes for the load-in/check-in process for the Ride For A Cure 2019 weekend September 20th-22.

Here’s What You Need To Know

Before you arrive at Ride For A Cure, make sure to visit toptrails.net and sign our SmartWaiver. Having your SmartWaiver signed before you arrive will significantly reduce your wait time when you arrive at the park.


  • FOR ONLINE TICKET PURCHASERS WHO HAVE SIGNED A SMARTWAIVER – Look for “Online Ticket Check-In” signs and an exclusive Fast-Pass line that will expedite your check-in process. All event attendees must still sign the SmartWaiver before entering this line. Please be aware that if you reach the front of the line and you have not signed the SmartWaiver, you’ll be asked to do so before you can re-enter the line at the back.
  • If you have not signed the SmartWaiver before arrival, do this immediately upon arrival BEFORE you enter the Fast-Pass line for Online Tickets Check-In.


  • Look for the line marked “Ticket Sales” at the Welcome Center.
  • If you have not signed the SmartWaiver before arrival, do this immediately upon arrival BEFORE you enter the Fast-Pass line for Online Tickets Check-In.


  • ID checks (for under 19 without a parent) will be happening on the highway BEFORE you turn into the park. No admittance onto the property will be allowed if you’re underage without a parent.
  • Temporary parking, while you’re checking in, is available and Park Staff will direct you where to park – limited to 20-minute parking only.
  • Consider arriving on Thursday for Ride For A Cure. There is no additional cost for Thursday riding. The Weekend package price of $65 includes Thursday entry at 8:00 am. You’ll have a less crowded entry and check-in process, the first pick of primitive camping, and more riding for your money.
  • For Annual Pass Holders, there WILL be a $25 fee for Ride For A Cure weekend. Please be aware of this before traveling to the park this weekend.
    If you’re camping up in the full-hookups campground or park trailers, make sure to limit your campsite parking to a maximum of two on-highway vehicles. Do not block other campsites or parking spaces belonging to neighboring campsites.


  • Primitive camping is first-come-first-served. We should have plenty of space for ALL campers at Ride For A Cure, but the best spots will be taken Thursday or Friday morning from the primitive camping zones.
  • You’ll receive your primitive camping map and will have your choice of camping zones around the park. You find your zone and pick your spot.
    Parking staff will be patrolling the camping zones to help you find a spot.
  • Be conscious of how much space you take up with your primitive camping setup. If you only have 2 vehicles camping together, don’t take up the space of 10 vehicles when setting up your site.


  • UNLIMITED TIRE SIZE! For Ride For A Cure only, we’ll be lifting the tire regulations. So if you’ve got some big wheels and been wanting to visit the park, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.
  • NO REFUNDS will be issued after you’ve purchased your admission due to weather or other unforeseeable events.
  • Shower facilities will be available both at the Welcome Center and at Near welcome area, along with additional bathroom facilities.
  • Please be aware of increased traffic on the trails for this event weekend. DO NOT BLOCK THE TRAILS when stopping hang out while riding. Find a suitable open area to park that does not impede the flow of traffic through the trails.
  • Entrance into the concert areas is one way in, one way out, accessible from Road 12A (Southern Entrance) only.
  • Road 12 in front of the Jay’s Sports Grill and other food vendors will be BLOCKED OFF. There is no through access past the front of Jay’s Sports Grill.


  • As we get ready to kick off Ride For A Cure 2019 later this week, we’d like to stress a few SAFETY guidelines to remember while we’re all riding and having a good time this weekend.
  • Helmets on 4-wheelers can save your life – WEAR THEM! It’s in our rulebook.
  • Wear your harnesses/safety belts in SXS/UTVs EVERY time you ride.
  • Speed Limit is 15 MPH on all paved roads – this will be STRICTLY enforced during the Ride For A Cure weekend due to the number of people that will be in the park. Violators will be ejected from the park. Excessive speed will not be tolerated.
  • Pay attention to all Stop Signs on the roadways – they’re there for a reason. Make sure that no one is coming the other way.
  • Keep your speeds to a minimum through the primitive camping areas.
  • Donuts, burnouts, slinging rocks will not be tolerated in and around areas where people are crowded in. Please be respectful of everyone and their equipment. This includes parking lots, primitive camping areas, concert and vendor areas, and near the Welcome Center. Spin your tires on the trails, not in public places.
    We thank everyone for taking an extra moment to get up to speed on these safety regulations as well as our load-in and other regulations before our big weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone out at the park, enjoying some excellent MUD, MUSIC, and MACHINES! Everyone have a great weekend, and stay safe!
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